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Top 3 Schrade Knives

1. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife

If you are looking for an extreme survival knife, nothing can beat Schrade SCHF9 knife. These are available in versatile styles, single, double and triple blades. This is the reason it is popular with old and young for generations. Its distinctive appearance, timeless in style and its durability span generations that the Schrade knives become heirloom device to pass down. The lifetime warranty offered is another advantage.

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival knife with a fixed blade features 6.4″ thick 1095 high carbon steel full-tang blade and Kraton handles easy-to-grip. The Nylon sheath is coated with Kydex and it features a pocket to store small items. It is a heavy-duty knife at a great price.

schrade knives SCHF9



The Blade: Schrade’s SCHF9 extreme survival knife is a medium-to-large knife featuring 12.1” overall length, a 6.4” blade length of 6.4″ and the weight is 15.9 ounces. There are other interesting design characteristics with respect to this blade:

Schrade SCHF9 extreme survival knife is made using 1095 High Carbon Steel as a single piece running throughout. This design offers the required rigidity and strength expected from a survival knife. The 1095 High Carbon Steel is prominent tool steel that is harder than other steels and so holds a much longer edge, making it an amazing choice as a survival blade.

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife features the prominent 1095 High Carbon Steel and blade design holding its edge, but it is susceptible to rust in case it lacks proper care and maintenance. Though it has Teflon protective coating, you may lightly oil it if it is not in use, so that it lasts for a lifetime. The tip is blunt and the blade strong making it heavy-duty and thick, that it is balanced making it ideal for prying, chopping and digging, without the fear of tip breaking.

The Handle: The handle has durable rubber; it is hard and has an aggressive ring offering a non-slip grip during wet conditions. The handle is a large palm-swell that enables easy to hold for all. The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife has TPE handle attached through the four recessed bolts directly threaded into the knife steel, that it easily absorbs shock, thus eliminates fatigue. The handle also features tapered ends and three finger cut-outs providing various gripping options.

The Sheath: The sheath of SCHF9 is made of a heavy nylon material. The seams are double-stitched and are stiff. It has a snugly Kydex lined pocket that has a retention adjustable strap, but the Kydex lining is configure to carry by right-hand only. In the front is a removable small pouch to store essentials such as Ferro Rod, waterproof matches or small fishing kit.


Functional Testing

SCHF9 is good for all such as Batoning, a technique of splitting or cutting wood, chopping, chopping long branches to small sizes, Feather Stick, where a wood is shaved to thin curls of wood. This is good to start a fire. Tip Strength proved it is hard and Edge Retention test revealed no sign of chips or cracks and the coating of the blade was perfect.

2. Schrade SCHF10

The Schrade SCHF10 Extreme Survival knife comes with a fixed blade knife that is well-suited for outdoor adventure or hunting. This blade offers solid, firm grip, thereby offering all the comfort required without sacrificing the comfort. When this knife is not in use, keep it in the ballistic nylon belt sheath. It is useful as it also has a storage pocket to store survival small items.

The SCHF10 has over 10-1/2 inches length and weighs around 14.6 ounces. It has a full-tang High Carbon Stainless Steel blade around a quarter-inch thick. The SCHF10 offers good balance in my hand. There is machined jumping in plenty around the blade that it offers excellent gripping options.

schrade knives SCHF10



The Blade:

Schrade’s SCHF10 is a medium-sized knife with 10.6″ overall length and has a 5.3”a blade. The total weight is 14.6 ounces. The blade is from an 8Cr13MoV single piece High Carbon Stainless Steel running fully. The full-tang offers superior strength and rigidity to prove as a good quality survival knife.

Schrade SCHF10 has 8cr13MoV Chinese stainless steel and is known for its regard to hardness, strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance. The knife blades are resistant and make an excellent choice for survival blades. It is also durable and in wet conditions, proper maintenance and care is required to serve a lifetime.

Schrade SCHF10 has a drop-point edge featuring narrow pointed tip and moderate recurve. The blade offers a robust and strong tip that helps in chopping, prying and cutting easily, but is not ideal for piercing. There are seven notches on the handle top and ten are at the handle bottom and six more are on the spine side, beyond the thumb-rise offering a galore of gripping options. This blade can be used to strike a ferro rod without or with protective coating.

The Handle: The SCHF10 handle is a durable material featuring aggressive coarse pattern that even in wet conditions it offers and amazing non-slip grip. The pattern is comfortable to use with gloves. It has a Micarta handle, where the Micarta refers to a resin impregnated fiber compound that is produced with various cured fibers and resins under high temperature and high pressure. The handle has a paracord strap and offers moderate palm-swell hold.

The Sheath: The SCHF10 has a lightweight sheath. It is flexible and is single-stitched. It is made from heavy ballistic nylon material. It fits into Kydex lined pocket and is in place with Velcro retention strap. The sheath is shaped rightly to carry in right hand. The sheath appears to be single-stitched that it is suitable for light-duty use. However, it may be reconfigured easily so that it is easy to carry on the left.

schrade knives SCHF10


Functional Testing: The SCHF10 tests to assure survival situation includes testing this knife for batoning. It was noticed that with very little effort the log could be split from end to end. The functional testing with batoning is impressive. Chopping long branches into small branches was a quick work. The light weight performed better even with feather stick producing thin curls that it offers flawless performance.

3. Schrade SCHF14 

Schrade SchF14 is a good selection as it falls within the budget. It is compact and is suitable as camping knife. It features a rugged design, a secure sheath and good steel. This is a mid-priced fixed blade that is sporting, compact and acceptable steel that is tough to manage the camping life. The weight and strength offers a good impression. The 1/8” 8Cr13MoV Chinese steel fits well in hand offering a good balance and strong jimping. The kydex sheath offers secure retention and is suitable to carry all days.

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The Blade: The blade steel takes good edge. It is for expected uses such as whittling, chopping, batoning. The fixed loop of Kydex sheath’s restricts the belt type t you can thread through it. The belt is too thin that it is a bit inflexible. The blade is 3 ½ “size and is ideal for camping chores. Though it felt tough, the short blade offered good control and power.

Testing: The testing with the Schrade SchF14 blade excelled at slicing, splitting, stabbing and whittling, it is really tough and the blade though short offers good control and power. The scales dig a little, wearing a glove may be ideal for tough work. Wearing a glove is good for more hours work, but the same blade was not good with detailed work that needs more attention such as food prep and repairs. It cuts your onions, but the cutting will remain coarse.

The Schrade fits well and is pretty to be carried out as it is built tough. Though it is not rough, over time you will know if it is suitable for a camp to carry. Carry it in such a way that the children are not scared. There is no doubt that it has a tactical look and is a great amazing choice as a bug home knife. The Schrade is a knife that invites buyers to pick and to be used, and now with the price point, it is worth buying. It offers good grip that even in wet conditions the slippery feel is not felt. Carrying or using a Schrade knife has its own respect and the feel of going with the tradition.

Schrade Knives, a Tradition to be handed down to generations

The Schrade Cutlery Company was established in Walden, New York in 1904. The cutlery produced quality was unique at that time to the industry. The Schrade’s strength was its design concepts and engineering from 2003 and it moves forward with cutting edge product and is emerging with exciting introduction maintaining a tradition of respect.

Schrade is representing the new Q3 technology denoting quality and quick series of multi-functional folders offering maximum performance. Schrade’s custom collaboration series presents the recognition of its heritage and celebrates the handcrafted uniqueness design, claiming to be the finest custom knife makers. The company, tradition and blending technology pursues its leadership position in the tool marketplace and global cutlery.


The key to Schrade’s Knife is in their workforce of committed and talented craftsmen of the third and fourth generation employees. This trade is learnt from parents and grandparents and this valuable skill, knowledge and pride is passed into the consistent production of quality tools and knives. The spirit and dedication lives and is apparent in the experienced hand craftsmanship that presents modern technology. Schrade is growing in leaps owing to the well earned reputation for value and quality, keeping with the responsiveness to every changing market needs. They are meeting the diversification of the new markets with innovative new products and produce second-to-none customer service in the industry.

The Schrade Company has a long and rich heritage of fine pocket knives. Their pocketknife models also include combat knife models, sharpening products, flashlights, fillet knives and more. Their classic pocket knives are timeless in style that it is highly durable and has a distinctive appearance that you can pass it to your grandchild. The steel of the blade is a stainless steel and traditional cutlery steel. The material used is Staglon or Delrin for the handles. They are durable, shockproof, and unbreakable, besides does not shrink or swell. In fact, the knives handle are made of solid brass.

George Schrade was a toolmaker and a gifted machinist in the late 1800’s employed by the United States Patent Office and he created the switchblade knife. In 1904, he formed the Schrade Knife Company with Joe and William, his brothers in Walden NY. With the development of his knife company, George created devices enhancing the quality to sharpeners, neck drawing machine, automatic protecting machines, saws on center and bone jigger. Owing to George’s pursuit the quality and workmanship in his company were never compromised that it always produced the best knives of his time.

Schrade’s desire to make pocket knife ended as the long lasting tradition of the company and even now bears his name. Today Taylor Brands, LLC, produce the Schrade knives following the exact quality requirements.

Taylor Brands is confident in their knives quality and includes a lifetime warranty. Taylor Brands LLC bought the rights and began producing the knives. Taylor uses original patterns and so these are available. They are manufactured now in china to keep prices low, though the knives quality is retained as before.

The ‘new’ knife line consists of a classic series of hunter knives, pocket knives, fixed blade knives, Schrade Extreme Survival knife, etc. These feature Delrin-handles, stainless steel blades, nickel silver bolsters, and brass liners.

Final Verdict

Schrade knives are solid heavy duty knife that suits all the types of hardship. They are probably the best knives suitable to carry and use as they come in single piece High Carbon Stainless Steel blade, making it distinctive. This single piece blade does not break at the tip. Apart from these there is lifetime warranty with each Schrade blade.