Best Schrade Machete

Best Schrade Machete Review

After using a Schrade Kukri Machete, you will definitely make it your first choice while choosing a knife for hiking and mountaineering. All those who have used this have always loved it. The unique built of the knife makes it easier to use a machete. The SCHKM1 has been termed as the best Schrade machete available in the market. The sturdy built, black colour and the accessories with it, make it a perfect choice for anyone. Even trained army personals also love to have this best Schrade machete with them.

From serving as a tool for bush cutting to ripping limbs and for a closed combat fight, a Schrade machete can be more deadly ad effective than any other machetes. The perfectly balanced high quality blade is perfect for any purpose. Users have always given these knives high grades. As a perfect Schrade machete SCHKM1 fulfils all the necessary qualities a machete should have. From full tang high class blade to the suitable holder the knife is proved to be the best Schrade machete of all time.

Schrade Kukri Machete

Important features of a machete

The foremost important feature of any knife is, how much efficient is it in serving its purpose. Well, as far as the case of a Schrade machete, they are best for all purpose. Whenever a hiker or a hiker or a mountaineer is buying a Schrade machete, he is looking for a tough knife to help him survive in the wild. Now a Machete has all the features to serve this purpose very well. There are some typical qualities a SCHKM1 must fulfil to be the best Schrade machete in the market. Let’s have a look on them.

  1. The quality of the blade.

  2. The quality of the handle.

  3. Longevity

  4. How much efficient it is.

May be they are small in number, but these features are the most important qualities of a knife. And as a masterpiece in the range of Schrade knives the SCHKM1 has the best of all these qualities. This is why it is the best Schrade machete.

  1. The quality of the blade.

The SCHKM1 blade is made of high grade carbon steel, the fixed steel blade comes with a black coating which protects the blade from humidity, rain, salt deposit and sunlight reflection. The SCHKM1 knife comes with a sharpening stone. This is because if the coated steel edge gets blunt by cracks in the coating and dirt deposit then the blade can be sharpened easily. The blade is very hard and heavy yet it is soft enough for continuous impact. The best part of the SCHKM1 blade is the unique combination of this weight and thickness, which is best for cutting thickness. The blade can easily chop down limbs in a single blow. The sharpness is also very good. Even after rough use for more than two three hours, the sharpness stays unaffected. The design of the overall blade is tested widely by many experts and the knife has passed with flying colours. They all have certified SCHKM1 as the best Schrade machete of the range.

  1. The quality of the handle

A machete has to have a strong and sturdy holder to support such a strong blade to make it the best Schrade machete. The SCHKM1 has a sturdy holder, which is made of long lasting material. The ergonomic curvatures in the handle give a good grip to the knife. The full tang blade has a well balanced handle to support it. The holder also has good thumb grip so that while using the knife the user does not tend to sleep. Also the material of the handle is sweat resistance so if anyway your hands get sweaty, don’t worry. It is recommended by experts not to use the knife without gloves. Otherwise you will tend to cut yourself. The handle also has a Safe-T-Guard on it. This makes the SCHKM1 the best Schrade machete in the market.

  1. Longevity

While you’re spending money to buy a nice survival knife, you also expect it to last long. Well SCHKM1 has been proved to be long lasting than any other knife. Even after using it for more than two-three hours at a stretch, the sharpness of the fixed blade never feeds. Te blade comes with a diamond stone sharpener. The black coating of the blade tends to get cracked. This sometimes cane make the blade little blunt. The sharpener helps out to make it as good as new. It’s also true that the blade does not need sharpening frequently. This long lasting sharpness is the most important reason for SCHKM1 to be the best Schrade machete of all.

  1. How much efficient it is

Well, when it comes to the SCHKM1, this question is unnecessary to answer. The Schrade machete is the best in its type and serves its purpose very well. Like it is said earlier, the knife can chop off limbs in a single blow if used properly. The thickness and weight of the blade is well balanced and the overall knife has a good balance. This helps to achieve this perfection. As matter of fact the knife can be used at a stretch for a long time without losing sharpness. This quality has proved it the best Schrade machete in the market.

From the above discussion it can be concluded that in the range of Schrade fixed blade knife the SCHKM1 has its very own identity. The full tang blade and the beautifully balanced handle have made it popular among knife users worldwide. The special type of structure of the knife has proved to be beneficial for any purpose. From chopping limbs to bush cutting and in special case, close combat can be served very beautifully with this knife with ease. Even admires of folding blades and other knifes are now considering SCHKM1 over their favourites. This growing popularity has made the SCHKM1 the best Schrade machete in the market. It is becoming the new choice of all the mountaineers.

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