Best Schrade Old Timer Knives in the Market

Best Schrade Old Timer Knives in the Market

Mention of an old timer knife brings out the memories of cool summer breeze in the woods or some good old memories like this for some people. Even after more than five decades the popularity of Schrade old timer has remained same. Maybe the name itself carries a sense of vintage or their sturdy structure and looks or maybe both of them are reasons behind this popularity. The legacy of Schrade old timer is a long and winning road for a brand associated with great quality and dependability. It is true that the brand is created on 1958, but the root of it dates back to 1904 when George Schrade established the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden. After 1946 the company was renamed as Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co. Inc. the name will further be changed into Imperial Schrade Corp and the company will be joined with two other companies Ulster Knife Company and Imperial Knife Company.

The exact history of the Schrade old timer is a not known to anybody but it is a fact that the company chose to name this beautiful item of craftsmanship old timer to represent it as if it is a knife from the age of grand-dads. In the age of stainless steel the company used high carbons contain steel to ensure quality. The holder is made of highly durable materials like Delrin or Staglon with a solid brass liner. Even after the company stopped their manufacturing of Schrade old timer from September 2004, this knife stays as popular as it first appeared. People started to store every single piece of original Schrade old timers as they panicked that there will be no more of them. Taylor Brands LLC took up this opportunity and started to manufacture the Schrade old timer all over again. They never compromised with the quality and design of the knife just they did all these from China.

This has brought the knife within the reach of every man. Each and every model of Schrade old timers is famous among the users, yet there are few models which have been legendary among all. They have ruled the market of knives for decades and even till date. Here some of these legendary Schrade old timer models are listed and their features are discussed.

The original Schrade knives

As the name suggests these are the oldest and the most famous knife of the Schrade old timer range. The blade is made of high level of cutlery grade steel and the holders are made of durable material like Delrin or Staglon. Even the blade liner is made of solid brass. This ensures the stability of the blade and a perfect addition to the pocket of a gentleman. With a history of more than 110 years, the model ruled the market unlike other knives. After the company stopped manufacturing these Schrade old timers, Taylor Brands LLC came up to manufacture them again and they added some more blades to the holder. This turned the single blade knife into a multiple blade knife, like pocket knives, Schrade Extreme Survival Knives, fixed blade knives and hunter knives. As soon as the new version hit the market, it recovered its popularity in no time.

Schrader Sharpefinger

The Sharpefinger knife is originally a Schrade old timer 152OT knife and has a long history of more than four decades. Though now-a-day these knives are manufactured in China, still the fixed, distinctive blade and its full tang design has not changed at all. The blade size is 7.25”. The handle is made of Delrin and has riveted rounded edge. The blade is best for skinning.

Schrader Sharpefinger

Schrade Deerslayer

This one is also a traditional Schrade old timer blade. It can be said that this one has some distinct similarities with the earlier one. The blade length of Deerslayer is typically 10.5” much bigger than Sharpefinger. The thumb ramp in this one is more prominent and delicate so that your thumb never slips. As a full tang blade of 440C and a Saw-Cut Delrin scale this Schrade old timer is very user friendly and best for skinning. The leather casing of this fixed blade is riveted.

Schrade Old Timer Deerslayer

Schrade old timer 34OT Middleman

As the name suggests this Schrade old timer model has the features between the senior one and the junior one. The longest sustained model of the list is first introduced in 1964. It was named middleman only after 1971. The model is still made by the Taylor Brands LLC. This Schrade old timer has a handle help of 3.3 inches. This is perfect to slip one in your pocket and go to anywhere. The perfect size has been proved best for this model. This is the reason of this Schrade old timer to rule the market for so long.

Schrade old timer 34OT Middleman

Old timer 108OT Junior knife

This piece of Schrade old timer range has brought immense fame to the brand even after the company stopped manufacturing these knives on 2004. The small size of this Schrade old timer knife is perfect for people to carry them in pockets for daily usage. This piece was first introduced in 1963. Taylor Brand LLC still produces this knife.

There are many more variants of Schrade old timer knives in the list of manufacturer. Even you will come across many old models are redesigned with more blades and extra features by Taylor Brand LLC. But the popularity of the original pieces are still the same even after a century of their first appearance in the market. Throughout the time all the manufacturers has ensured best quality and sturdy design of the knives. Whether it is a fixed blade one or a folding one, this has never changes. even when the manufacturer has changed and the knives are no more manufactured in Walden still the quality is same as of the old ones. The company assures same quality from the beginning till date, making the name old timer perfect for it. People are right about saying a Schrade old timer is truly a grandfather’s knife.

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