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Schrade Folding Knife Review

Since the first appearance of Schrade Range of folding knives in the market it has caught the attention of many. Even after more than a century they are still the most popular knife brand in the market. For many people the Schrade folding knife is a beautiful memorandum of cool summer breeze, crackling sound of the bon-fire in the middle of the forest, fresh smell of the trees or sunny weather in the seas. The folding knives have been favourite to not only the hikers or mountaineers but also to sailors, soldiers. As a matter of fact some of the knives in the Schrade Folding knife series are best for cutting lines and tackle it.

Schrade Folding knife series has a wide range of blade and you are free to choose any one of them as per your choice. Unlike other brands, every piece of this series is best in serving the purpose. The knives come with the best build up and perfect balanced structure best for heavy duty. The handle is made of long lasting and sturdy material and gives good griping. Overall the Schrade folding knives are best for anyone who’s looking for a trip to the wild.

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Features of a good folding survival knife

To call a knife a typical folding survival knife there are some certain characteristics which it has to fulfil. Like the quality of blade and holder etc. The Schrade folding knife range is considered the best of all. Let us have a look on the list of qualities a survival folding knife has to fulfil to be the best in the market.

  1. The quality and the size of the blade.

  2. The quality of holder.

  3. The overall weight of the knife.

  4. The purpose it serves.

  5. Longevity.

These are some of the main characteristics a knife must fulfil to be the best of all. As the Schrade folding knife range has a history from the beginning of the folding knives, it can easily be realised that this range has got the best of all the qualities. Let’s have a details discussion of the qualities.

  1. The quality and the size of the blade

Every knife, in the series of Schrade folding knife, has a blade made of high quality carbon steel. The blade is heavy enough and has a sharp edge. The length of the blade varies for different model of the Schrade folding knife series. In case of every Schrade folding knife, the blade is manual and does not have any spring assistance. The blade comes with thumb stud in both sides of its blunt edge. This stud helps to flip open the blade easily. The studs are designed for lefties and righties both. Every Schrade Folding knife has this feature. Also every knife has its blaze coated with a black coating. This coating helps in preventing rusting and sun reflection of the blade. The overall black colour of any Schrade folding knife adds up to the beauty of the knife.

  1. The quality of holder

Undoubtedly the Schrade folding knife series comes with a sturdy holder matching with its blade. The backside of the holder, the blade lock and the inner frame is made of same stainless steel, which is used to make the blade. The outside of the holder is coated with G10. Both sides have nicely cutting of forefinger and ergonomic curvatures to ensure good grip. All the Schrade folding knife range comes with a stainless steel clip to keep it safe inside your pocket. The curved G10 coating of the handle is suited for both left handed people and right handed too. The most important thing is that with passing time and rough usage the curves do not feed. Long term users of Schrade folding knives suggest using gloves while using a knife like this otherwise you will get cuts.

  1. The overall weight of the knife

One of the most important features of a survival knife is the weight of the blade and the overall weight of the knife. If it is too heavy then it is hard to use will skinning or cutting small pieces of lodges. You have to use much power to get a small job done. This is undesirable while your camping or in the wild. On the other hand, if it is too light then the knife is unfit to do a heavy job like cutting small lodges. This is essential that the knife is of exact weight for any job in the wild. All the knives in the Schrade folding knife range have this feature. They are heavy than any ordinary survival knife yet not so heavy that they becomes unfit for a simple task. It is said that even a novish can use a Schrade folding knife.

  1. The purpose it serves

If you ask any hiker or mountaineer about the purpose of a survival knife they will simply handover a long list as an answer. From bush cutting to cutting food for meal, every purpose is solved with a survival knife. Something like this must be fit to do all of these jobs. Schrade folding knife has all the features of a great survival knife so it is best in solving all the problems that a mountaineer solves with a knife. The perfect sharpness and weight makes it best for bush cutting lodges curving and all the hard works. While the sharp edge and good grip helps to do the small jobs like cutting the food items. As survival knives the Schrade folding knife range can be considered the best in serving its purpose.

  1. Longevity

Last but not the least important feature is the longevity of a survival knife. Now it is true that these knives are pretty costly than a normal knife. So when you’re buying a Schrade folding knife you will surely want it to last for a long time. The quality of blade and the holder is great of a Schrade folding knife. So it will serve you definitely for a long time. The only problem is the black coating. The quality of the coating is good undoubtedly. But it tends to develop scratches. Also the coating tends to cause dirt deposit on the knife making it unclean with time. if you are able to deal with this then can never imagine a better survival knife than Schrade folding knife.

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