Schrade is long out of business, who is making the schf9 now?

Answer: Taylor Brands

Do you know about or heard about Schrade, the chances are rare, but you may have seen their products several times. Schrade knives are around and in use for over hundreds of years. They have been producing the pocket folding knives. These fine knives are produced giving attention in full detail and come in tremendous quality. However, for business real reasons, the Schrade Company changed hands.

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A brief history

 Schrade is long out of business is very true. They began in 1904 in Walden, New York in the name Schrade Cutlery Company. Schrade produced quality cutlery and the company expanded. Imperial Knife Company was another knife-making company established in Rhode Island, Providence in 1916 that also manufactured folding pocket knives of good value.

In 1946, Schrade Cutlery was bought by Imperial Knife Associated Companies and was renamed as Schrade-Walden Cutlery Company. Albert M. Baer, in 1983, took the company to avoid any other hostile takeover and in 1985 renamed it as Imperial Schrade Company. The intellectual property (includes knife-making concepts and patents) of Imperial Schrade Corporation owner is Taylor Brands LLC.


The Taylor Era

 Taylor grew up in Kingsport and was passionate about collecting old knives, swords and daggers. Taylor began selling knives at Emory & Henry College as he was a student then. He published an ad for Coca-Cola bottle-shaped knife and bought it for $10 and then he sold it for $25. The journey of entrepreneurship had initiated. In 1974 he graduated and by 1975 began a knife business with Asian manufacturers. In 2004, Taylor Brands obtained the Schrade Knives production rights, besides the Old Timer and Uncle Henry trademarks. He decided all Schrade knives will be based in Asia, primarily, Taiwan and China.

Regrettably, many knife enthusiasts and users announced that the quality and craftsmanship of the earlier Schrade knives deteriorated and it was sad that the US based factory had to close down.

Experience and quality

Taylor Brands maintained dominance in this industry owing to its workforce. Imperial Schrade is prominent for its talented craftsmen and strong workforce; many are from the third-and-fourth –generation. The name Schrade even passed along generation the heritage, talent and skill of crafting fine knives. Besides, Imperial Schrade also updated to latest technology using new trade practices and latest tools.

Schrade Old Timer Imperial Schrade was popular for their folding knives and fixed hunting and fishing knives. Their most popular knife was the Old Timer, produced by Imperial Schrade for decades. These knives had a distinctive appearance and featured two and four blades.

The Old Timer Schrade is a durable knife to span generations, made from traditional cutlery steel and stainless steel, while the handles are crafted from Staglon or Delrin, both durable materials. The Old Timer is also shockproof and unbreakable, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Keeping with the times

Today, Schrade Knives have changed from the past times, yet are the favorite as Schrade Extreme Survival Knife. The Schrade Knife is made using high carbon stainless steel featuring a powder coated black. it comes as a fixed blade or may be assisted as opener featuring Micarta handles, 5.6” length handle and 6.4” blade length. The knife is great for hunters and first responders, besides is highly functional EDC knife.


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