Schrade SCHF10 Review

Are you looking for an inexpensive, durable survival knife, you should consider the Schrade schf10. Schrade knives are an appropriate choice for campers, hunters, survival community and backpackers. The popularity has won fans and is well deserved. The construction and the SCHF10 knives quality make it an excellent addition.

Schrade has a long history of having high quality affordable knives. An inventor from England, George Schrade in 1892 first established this company. Schrade is well known for his switchblade, the first knife design. Taylor brands LLC purchased this company in 2004. They have continued with this tradition of making survival knives of the first class type under the brand name Schrade. SCHF10 provides quality build materials, high performance, and reliability and is available under $50. Know the importance of Schrade Schf10, going through this comprehensive review.

Schrade SCHF10 Blade Shape, Specifications and Steel

 The Schrade SCHF10 attribute no serration, a fine edge and a black coating offering a sleek appearance, thus adds to corrosion resistance and its durability. The blade is made using specifically 8CR13MoV that is high carbon stainless steel. This steel is popular for its ease of sharpening, resistance to corrosion and retaining a sharp edge after hard use. This blade steel can perfectly match performance, though it is not the high-end steel variety. One thing is sure that it is not easy to beat Schf10 blade quality.

Schrade schf10 blade


Blade featuring drop-point tip

 The Schrade SCHF10 has 10 1/2 inches an overall length in a 5.3 inch blade weighing 14 1/4 ounces. It comes featuring a slight recurve on the edge and also has a drop-point tip.  It is ideal for slicing efficiency, but to hone the edge more skill is required.  The steel in this knife is thicker actually than many machetes and the chopping knives come in 10 inches blade lengths. There is a blade with full tang extending past the handle and creates a serviceable pommel. The Schf10 has a factory edge that is sharp and the blade is thick that light to medium chopping tasks can be managed deftly.

Schrade SCHF10 Handle Material and Ergonomics

 The handle features cutouts for your fingers and a slight curve. This makes it comfortable and easy to hold. The Schrade SCHF10 also features plenty of jimping making it easier to grip and thus provides a safer experience to suit hard use. There are three jimping sets:

  • At the handle bottom
  • On the top and
  • On the back of the blade.

The handle scales are in black canvas and are connected with two hex bolts to the knife tang. The handle scales can be removed by unscrewing the hex bolts. It means it can be replaced easily with a customized option for people who wish to make modifications. Wrap the blade bare handle with paracord so that this decent handle offers added functionality.

The knife has the blade running from the handle end to the knife tip, thus featuring a full tang design. It provides a solid construction and it the knife does not snap during times of extreme pressure.  The knife has a center of gravity and is well balanced at the midpoint.  Regardless of the fact that it weight 14 ¼ ounces, it offers the ease to maneuver. It is comfortable to hold in hand and also offers the required grip. There is a sticky feel while gripping the handle and this is due to the handle scales.

Schrade schf10 handle


Sheath Features and Quality

 The sheath is made from black reinforced ballistic nylon. It features Velcro closure strap facilitation retention to ascertain the knife remains lodged securely inside the sheath. For such a quality knife the sheath is just average. The stitching is of good quality and is relatively sturdy to be of nylon option.

Storage pouch with Ballistic nylon sheath

 The sheath is designed such that it can be appropriate with right hand belt to carry and fits any belt featuring three inches width. The sheath at the front has a small pouch to include survival essentials and there is room to fit a small pocket knife helping in extra intricate cutting or even a sharpening stone. This is of immense use when you pack for hiking and wish to travel light. The sheath is functional and sturdy to do the job and is suitable for most environments and definitely is one of the best. Planning to use SCHF10 regularly means you need to buy a replacement sheath. You can look for a custom kydex, though it is a bit expensive or if want it to be cost-effective, make one by yourself, thus carrying a knife should be an enjoyable experience.

Schrade schf10 steath


Fine features of Schrade SCHF10 in one glance

  •  Full Tang 1/4″ Inch Knife
  • High Performance ensuring rugged grip with Micarta Handle Slabs 5.2-inch Blade
  • over-all length10.5″
  • Nylon Sheath featuring extra pouch for other accessories or sharpener Lanyard Hole in Handle

The Schf10 blade is made of high carbon stainless steel 8Cr13MoV. This means you have the best, the stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and also is softer in combination with high carbon that hold better edge that is harder.


 The Schrade SCHF10 is a rightly constructed survival knife featuring high quality fit and having a finish same as expensive knives. It is easy and quick to swing, looks amazing and may be customized with your handle scales for people wishing to add little extra character to the knives. It has a thick blade and its extended full tang design makes it a reliable knife to with stand even rough treatment without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, the nylon sheath is disappointing, though it performs the job and is also durable to last. The blade curve is a bit harder to be sharpened using a stone, but is suited well to cut. The Schf10 suits anyone considering it their survival kit. Schrade knives are low priced and have quality steel featuring great design. It is also useful and durable for outdoor and survival situations, an incredible value without breaking the bank.


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