Schrade schf10 sheath

Schrade Schf10 features CKC Kydex sheath.  These are specially customized to fit the b lade. It is handmade sheath custom crafted. The exterior is rugged Kydex and impervious to weather.

The sheath is now in classic nylon featuring plastic insert that it has a snap to secure the knife into the sheath in a small pouch.

Schrade schf10 steath


Salient Features of Schf10 Sheath protection

  •  The sheath offers solid lockup such that there is a click once the blade is inserted into the plastic insert as it has a secure snap inside. This keeps you informed it is locked tight and will remain locked, regardless of the obstacles coming your way.
  • The rivets are spaced universally and are useful for mounting. The belt loops are regular, while the side carry is strong and compatible.
  • On the reverse side there is drain hole and it is at the blade bottom side such that it appears hidden, but is not exactly on the sheath bottom. Thus it evades debris from getting into as you happen to kneel for other activities.
  • Lifetime warranty and satisfaction guaranteed with the new sheath and it is certain to serve for a lifetime, besides the advantage is that the warranty is transferrable.
  • This sheath is a second skin and easily mounts on the rivets that it provides further protection.

The CKC Kydex rugged sheath has a minimalist design. Blade retention is handled by the Kydex, and when sheathing it gives a positive click. The standard is spacing of fasteners so that you are able to change from a belt loop option, to any other accessory or molle compatible or pack that is offered. The hardware can be changed to accommodate left or right from side to side and to carry as per your needs that may change. Available mounting hardware encompassess belt loops, Tek Lok or Molle Lok, etc., all come as the sheath accessories available in the accessories section.

The traditional sheaths are heavy duty belt loops. Molle, second skin and other attachments may be bought from the accessories section.Sheaths retain the same design and the variation is only in the length. As the knives have a guard, the handles vary, accurately representing each knife is not possible. Your new sheath will feature Custom Designer section, and will accommodate the handle top for retention.


  •  Length is approximately about ½ to 1 inch longer than the blade such that it accommodates perfectly the drainage and tip protection.
  • Warranty is for lifetime and so even if it is sold, the warranty exists as it accepts transfers.
  • Weather resistant rugged kydex aircraft grade.
  • Weight varies owing to the dimension differences in the knife.



Sheath Includes:

This sheath allows carrying in both, left or right hand and is perfect as mounting hardware. All the accessories may be changed by a user using a screwdriver at home.  Traditional sheath is available with belt loops and in the sheath accessories section you can find additional accessories.

Schrade schf10 steath protection


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