Schrade schf10 warranty

Schrade SChf10 comes featuring a fixed blade knife. it is suitable for outdoor adventure, hunting or survival. The design is durable and it offers excellent high performance owing to the Micata handle offering good grip in multitude conditions. The other specification of Schrade Schf10 includes:

  • 3” blade length
  • 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel blade material
  • 5” overall length
  • Micarta Handle material
  • Ballistic Nylon sheath material
  • 6 oz weight
  • lanyard hole is in the handle

Schrade schf10 warranty


Lifetime warranty:

There is lifetime warranty with Schrade Schf10 as best materials and skills are put into use, whether it is replace or repair.

  • In case on regular use of Schrade Schf10, the blade profile may change with time and may not fit as you expected exactly into the sheath. you need not worry, just ship the knife and the sheath to us, we will run it through the process and will send it to you paying the return shipping charges, so the running through is cost-free, assuring lifetime warranty.
  • In case, you are on an adventure going hiking and you tumble down on misplacing some steps. As you tumble down, the knife handle smashes or gets caught on a rock or tree limb that causes to break in the sheath or cracks. You can always return it to us; we will not charge you for this replacement. However, there is no fire damage covered with this warranty.
  • If you plan to snuggle at night while camping out in the woods and lit fire and in case that heat warps the sheath, it is not covered for free. at the same time the lifetime warranty also does not cover the damage caused due to home fires or for that matter any form of fire damage.


This product is a warranty only to the original consumer purchaser, until he or she owns it. The coverage ends on transferring or selling the product or modifying it in any way.


The warranty covers defects in manufacture, materials or assembly. In case, any of the products breaks or fails owing to manufacturing or material defect, it is replaced or repaired. The warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, normal wear, improper handling, misuse, neglect, loss, alterations or accident. Cosmetic damage occurring over use and time, such as scratches on the finish or coatings wearing off are normal and are not given warranty.


Accessory Warranty

Taylor Brands LLC offer limited warranty covering defects in manufacture, materials, or assembly. This warranty is given only on producing the proof of purchase when required. Accessories failing the limited warranty period are returned for evaluation.


Taylor Brands LLC expandable batons are also under warranty to the original consumer purchaser. Coverage ends if you sell or transfer the product. This warranty covers defects that happen due to manufacture assembly or material defects. Even if the product fails or breaks, the defect will be replaced or repaired as required by the product. This is cost free when it is under warranty.

Schrade schf10 lifetime warranty



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