SCHRADE SCHF36 A Must For the Hikers

Survival knives have been essential for hikers and mountaineers. From bush cutting to skinning, and for every possible need you need to carry a good survival knife with you. In a wide range of survival knives from Schrade knives, SCHF36 has been a good survival knife for every hiker. The knife is widely used and experimented with. People have loved this knife from the very first appearance of it in the market, and probably will love it always.

SCHRADE SCHF36 knife of the year

Description of the knife

The knife has 1095 steel and the flat ground blade measures five inches from the handle to the tip. Due to the forward finger choil you will find that the cutting edge is a half inches short. The handle is made up of TPE plastic that is impact resistant. The feel of this plastic is a bit rubbery different from that of FRN plastic.

The sheath of the knife is made up of nylon and it includes a few extras in the sheath. There is a ferrocerium rod and a sharpening plate. Just like any other product from Shrade’s this knife is also manufactured in China. The high carbon steel of the blade has rust protection from the thick and coarse coating that covers it. The blade is quite thick and has a blade stock that is ¼ thick.

The design is so made that it cannot resemble a chopper and at the same time it is not a simple knife too. You can chop out small shrubs with it easily that is why it is considered as a good companion when it comes to hiking or mountaineering.

The SCHF36 has been reviewed by many people and knife-collectors all around the world. According to their analysis this knife has got some positive aspects as well as some negative aspects too. Depending on the strong build up of the knife, the SCHF36 has earned its place in the list of widely used Schrade extreme survival knife. Let’s have a look on the positive and negative aspects of the knife.

SCHRADE SCHF36 review 2

Positive aspects:

  • The 5.05” drop point blade is almost a quarter inch thick and made of 1095 high carbon steel. The blade has a black coating, which helps to prevent rusting and reflection in the sunlight. Hence, you can use this blade for long without the fear that it will get rusted/ it will not get rusted easily as it will take quite some time.

  • The overall knife is 10.25” inches long, which is best for any purpose. Also the ninety degree angle of the knife spine is good in making it a striker against any blunt weapon. And hence it is good companion while you go on hiking or mountaineering.

  • The TPE handle of the knife SCHF36 has ring like texture which helps for a tight grip in any condition. Even the jimping in the spine and underside of the knife adds strength to the finger choil to increase balance. It has a rubbery like grip that provides best grip when you hold it in your hand for using the knife. The TPE plastic provides the necessary grip for making the use of this knife easier.

  • The leather packing of the knife SCHF36 is riveted and is best to attach with belts. The packing also holds the extra sharpening stone to make the blade sharp. The packing is good with the knife.

  • The knife is well balanced between the blade and the holder. It is not a regular light weight knife we use. It’s a heavy weight tool best for outdoor purposes.

Negative aspects:

  • Due to the immense weight of the knife, it is best for those who have experience of using a survival knife. If a novish lay his hand on it then will definitely end up with some cuts in their hands. Moreover, when someone who is not experienced in using it uses it may not be able to handle it nicely. Instead of getting the desired result they mat do something else and some of which may be dangerous too.

  • It is best to use gloves while using a SCHF36. Otherwise you will tend to get cuts in your fingers will using it to slice the wood pieces. Gloves will save your hands from getting wounded. Moreover when you wear gloves you can be sure that your hands will not get affected by the knife anyway. Any damage if occurs will happen on the gloves and not on your hand.

  • The black coating of SCHF36 is not a long lasting one. It tends to get fade with time and use. As the coating develops cracks and fading the dust settles on the blade of SCHF36 making it more weighty.

  • The TPE holder also gets dusty and fingers tend to slip on it with time. There is also no way to get rid of this. This is because it has a rubbery body that attracts the dust easily and it is really very tough to get rid of the dust.

  • The leather packing is also not so good. The quality of the material is not up to the standard of the brand. From a brand like Schrade more is expected. When you use knife for long you will want something that will be handier. It is made in China like any other product from schrade but the make should be more precise.

Many mountaineers have used this knife and gave their review about it. According to almost all of them the SCHF36 is initially a good survival knife but needs to improve some shortcomings. Otherwise the charm of such a beautiful knife will fed away. In today’s competitive market every knife maker is trying to serve their customers with their best range and continuously developing them too. In this market if an original SCHF36 does not outgrow its short coming then soon it will be replaced by some other knife.

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