Schrade Schf9 Extreme Survival Knife Review

Schrade Schf9 Extreme Survival Knife is an important tool that is useful in the events when you get lost or involved in extreme outdoor environments. In such events as you get lost in the wilderness, such a knife can be a life saver to assist in building shelter, hunting, starting a fire, preparing food, clearing or digging paths, and more.

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife steel is the right choice for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is a prominent knife. This knife is sure to attract anyone and especially people who are ecstatic to add fine steel to their collection. The craftsmanship is fine. Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is known for its salient features namely:

Finest Caliber Steel

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife steel is most exciting. It is quarter inch thick chunk of steel 1095. The advantage of this survival knife is that this high quality steel knife is available at affordable price. This is also a workhorse of a blade useful for various purposes.

Schrade Schf9 Extreme Survival Knife steel


A Knife for Everyday use

Another impressive thing about Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is that it is a great tool suitable for everyday use. People preferring and are in search of a perfect blade can find the Schrade blade standing to meet the rigors of active lifestyle. This knife will not let you down. Even using it daily and hard does not show signs of the excessive use.

The handle of this knife makes the utility part more comfortable. The Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife has incredible handle attached. The high quality Kraton material is used to construct the handle and so it is really durable. This handle can be removed and cleaned. On using the knife regularly, I can take off the handle and thus the blade can be maintained clean is a feature most loved by buyers. The handle is really versatile and this has made this a valuable tool. The handle allows using it for different grips adjusting the holds for small and large jobs.

An Amazing Camping Knife

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is an amazing camping knife and is a must to be carried by avid campers. This knife is of immense use in the woods. The versatility ensures it will stand tough to meet the required camping task. It is useful for all purposes, right from cutting rope to slicing salami to gutting fish.

Schrade Schf9 Extreme Survival Knife blade


Holds Edge

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife features superb steel that it is fairly easy to whet it to a fine edge, and it holds that edge for a longer time than expected. However, there are blades that can be sharpened or polished a little finer, and it means that this knife is not the only best option for super-fine cuts. Though, for everyday use, this blade is more versatile as it is made from better steel and is exceptionally the best.

Makes a Impressive Gift

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is known for its durability and versatility that it makes an impressive gift. This knife is a perfect stocking stuffer or even your loved ones can be given this as a thank you gift, they are sure to be more than happy for this gift. The knife presents fine craftsmanship. The beauty is that this tool offers multiple functions. This is coming in limited budget that it makes a lovely gift.


The blade of Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is 1095 steel and it features a Teflon coating so it protects the knife against corrosion. It also features a drop blade that allows easy chopping and slicing. Yet, proper care should be taken of the blade, so that it lasts for a longer time frame. You can ensure this by applying oil to the blade, when it is not in use. The blade is a full tang blade and so has an extra thick spine.

The Extras

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife features a sheath of ballistic nylon. It comes with an extra removable pouch that may be used to hold same size accessory or a Ferro rod. The sheath allows attaching to your belt and has a loophole at the bottom such that it can be safely tied to your leg that pulling the knife out is easier. The handle is 5.70” and is in durable rubber that it assures a non-slip grip that even with wet conditions it is perfect. There is also a lanyard to attach a paracord strap.

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is useful for chopping, feathering, stripping, batoning wood and also for various other survival purposes such as using as a hammer or starting it as a fire. This is the reason that the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is aimed mainly for survivalists or bushcrafters who are on a budget. Nevertheless, this blade is surely not for the light backpackers. It is said so because this beast weighs 15.9 ounces. However, the fact stays that for the weight you receive a high quality blade that will last for a longer time and serve multiple purposes. Schrade is known for their high quality blades.


  • Chops easily through wood

  • Sparks fire on using Ferro rod and the spine

  • The Knife butt may be used as a hammer

  • Batons wood of 6 inches thick also with ease

  • High quality, strong steel that also includes a sheath


The sheath is heavy that a tactical thick belt cannot fit around with ease

Final Verdict

Schrade Schf9 extreme survival knife is appropriate to chop tree limbs, split wood and even for fettering. This survival knife is certainly heavy and now with the affordable prices it is no brainer’s job to miss such a try. Even a novice will recommend picking this knife as it is on a budget price and is a bit larger in comparison to the standard knife. Yet, you are getting the best quality Schrade knife and this is more an investment.

The Schrade SCHF 9 Extreme Survival Knife is available at many outdoor retailers, knife shops and even on the websites online.

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